mature female hospital administrator reviewing paperwork with a female physician
The Stark Financial Impact of Physician Vacancies on Hospitals
It’s not breaking news that hospitals nationwide are facing numerous physician vacancies. But do you know what even a single unfilled role is costing you? Or why you should fill it not only quickly, but carefully? What Physician Vacancies Are Costing Hospitals Amidst post-COVID burnout, many hospitals are seeing long-standing vacancies or a revolving door
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headshot of cath lab nurse Cynthia Sharp for Nurses Week Q&A
Celebrating Nurses Week: An In-Depth Q&A with Cath Lab Nurse Cynthia Sharp
An estimated 1.4 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year with approximately 400,000 of these being STEMIs—a severe form of heart attack that requires immediate and expert medical intervention. It’s within this high-stakes environment that cath lab nurses like Cynthia Sharp, RN, play a pivotal role, often being the first line of defense against the
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How to Become a Cath Lab RN
As with any other nursing specialty, the first step to becoming a Cardiac Cath Lab RN is to graduate with an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass your NCLEX-RN to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. Gaining Experience: Your Next Move Transitioning into the Cath Lab requires more than just basic nursing
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landscape photo of lake and mountains in Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Discover the Benefits of Cardiovascular Care in Prestonsburg, Kentucky
After clocking out from your shift at the nonprofit hospital serving the community of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, you’ll have lots to do in this charming small town in the eastern part of the state. Not only does the area celebrate its natural beauty and outdoor recreation in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, but it’s also
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Anesthesiologists and CRNAs taking care of patient
How Anesthesiologists and CRNAs Can Enhance Patient Experiences (From the OR to the Cath Lab)
Some patients don’t even want to think about a visit to the doctor, never mind preparing for a visit to an unfamiliar place such as the cath lab – but that visit could save their lives. Fear over anesthesia has been shown to cause one in four patients to postpone surgeries. It’s important for the
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group of young clinicians with young asian clinician as central focus
Match Day 2024: Tips for Success and Navigating Your Journey
Match Day represents a pivotal moment for medical students nationwide. It’s the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, a day where the future unfolds for many aspiring physicians. At VitalSolution, we recognize the enormity of this event and offer a blend of celebratory guidance and heartfelt advice to make Match Day 2024 a
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How to Enhance Patient Experiences in the Cath Lab
How to Enhance Patient Experiences in the Cath Lab (and Why It Matters So Much)
As clinicians who build careers around their routines in the Cath Lab, it can be easy to forget just how strange and at times overwhelming a visit to the hospital can be for patients and their families. But for many patients, it can be the very first time they are receiving a procedure that they
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vitalsolution and american heart month awareness 2024
The Critical Role of Cardiology and Prevention During American Heart Month
VitalSolution leads the way during American Heart Month, a period dedicated to enhancing our understanding and commitment to heart health. It’s an opportunity for us to highlight the significant impact of heart disease, the leading cause of death in America, and to applaud the dedication and innovation of cardiologists and cardiac health professionals in their
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Lake Huron Alpena Michigan
Work in Alpena, Michigan, and Fall in Love with Your Great Lakes Home Base
Imagine yourself clocking out from a rewarding day at your hospital in northeast Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron. You’re excited about your next seven days off and the great outdoors adventures you’ve got planned. You’ll start with a few nights gazing up into the Milky Way at one of the three “designated dark
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young female clinician in blue scrubs walking outside a hospital and adjusting her face mask
Understanding the New Compact Licensure Rule for Nurses: Effective January 2024
As of January 2, 2024, a significant update in the nursing licensure process will come into effect, impacting those who hold or intend to hold a compact license. This change is crucial for all nursing professionals to understand, as it aligns with the evolving nature of nursing regulations and practices. What is Changing?  The Interstate
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team of clinicians doing their rounds in a hospital
What You Should Know Before Selecting Your Interventional Cardiology Attending Position
When you’re finishing up your interventional cardiology fellowship, the path to your attending physician role is an exciting yet pivotal decision. As a resident, you honed your skills and gained experience under guidance from other doctors. In your fellowship, you gained training in an interventional cardiology subspecialty. Now that you’re looking toward the horizon at
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three clinicians walking down hospital hallway
Getting Ready for Flu Season Surge: How Hospitals Can Prep
Just like the New Year’s Eve countdown clock, flu season is coming. To effectively meet that inevitable surge in sick patients, hospitals have to keep an eye on both short-term and long-term strategies. Not only do medical centers have to prepare their workforce and patient care centers to meet an increase in demand, but department
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