Interventional Cardiologists

We want you to be as successful personally, as you are professionally

VitalSolution-Cardiology is one of the fastest-growing cardiology groups in the country, and we are rapidly expanding. We offer a unique hybrid of traditional employment models and we differentiate ourselves by providing more than just a position—we provide a lifestyle.

As a physician-led organization, we understand the daily challenges that you face in providing exceptional cardiovascular care to your patients. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide you with the support, tools, and resources you need to meet these challenges head-on.

A model designed to fit your life

Our innovative model not only allows us to provide critical cardiovascular services to underserved communities, but it also empowers our physicians with unparalleled work-life flexibility.

Our interventional cardiologists work for seven consecutive days and then enjoy seven days off, allowing them to pursue personal interests and live in different locations.

This unique approach enables us to recruit the best talent from across the country, providing a diverse and experienced team of physicians. Additionally, the rotating schedule ensures patients receive continuity of care throughout their treatment journey.

Building community among cardiologists

As a VitalSolution physician, you will not only enjoy the benefits of our flexible schedule, but you will also become part of a larger, nationwide group of highly skilled cardiologists.

We understand that as an interventional cardiologist, you may be the only one on-site sometimes, leading to a feeling of professional isolation.

As part of our nationwide network, you will have access to support and resources from other VitalSolution physicians and Regional Chief Medical Officers who are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Our collaborative work culture allows our physicians to share their expertise, stay current on the latest advances in cardiovascular care, and ultimately provide the best possible care to our patients.

Make a career move with a team that values you

VitalSolution is growing every day and we need dedicated cardiologists to help us in our effort to increase access to emergency heart care across the country. Join us, discover the difference, and find a home on the VitalSolution team.