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Interventional Cardiologists

We want you to be as successful personally, as you are professionally

VitalSolution-Cardiology is one of the fastest-growing cardiology groups in the country.

And we’re rapidly expanding.

Join us and experience a unique hybrid of traditional employment models.

We provide more than just a position. We provide a lifestyle.

Led by physicians, for physicians, we grasp your challenges in providing cardiovascular care to your patients.

That’s why we work tirelessly to equip you with what you need.

A model designed to fit your life

Our model adapts to your life, offering flexibility unheard of.

Work a week, live a week—on your terms.

“When you’re off, you’re completely off,” says Brad Serwer, MD. “The cardiologist who’s on takes all of the calls. You can turn off your phone, go on vacation and take time to recharge. You can be fully present at home, take the kids to school or see their games. You may still miss some events, but you’ll miss a lot less than if you were working a traditional job.”

Building community among interventional cardiologists

As a VitalSolution physician, you will join a community, not just a team.

And while you might often be the sole physician onsite, you’re never alone.

As part of our nationwide network, you can access support and resources from other VitalSolution physicians who are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Share, learn, and excel in a collaborative heartbeat.

Make a career move with a team that values you

Be part of our mission to expand emergency heart care.

With us, find more than a position—discover your professional home.