Female anesthesiologist checking intravenous sedation


Empower Your CRNA Career with VitalSolution: Autonomy, Flexibility, and Support

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Long-term Opportunities Offering Autonomy and Collaboration

We’re committed to providing rewarding CRNA positions that enable you to grow and progress in your career. Our long-term opportunities mean most clinicians choose to extend their assignments after seamlessly integrating into the hospital environment. Depending on your preferences, we offer a variety of opportunities that allow you to experience the independence of working autonomously or the camaraderie of collaborating with an anesthesiologist.

Promoting Holistic Well-being: The Ingenovis Health ACT Program

We recognize that as a CRNA, you require a healthy work-life balance for your success and happiness. As a member of the Ingenovis Health family of brands, VitalSolution proudly offers ACT program benefits to CRNAs. Join our supportive community where you’ll gain access to mental health tools, virtual yoga classes, and other resources specifically curated to help healthcare professionals like you thrive in every aspect of your life.