Who We Are

VitalSolution, previously known as CardioSolution, was established in 2011 with a bold mission: to reshape healthcare by delivering tailored cardiovascular and anesthesiology services to hospitals nationwide.

Since our inception, we have evolved into a pioneering organization led by physicians who are passionate about making a lasting impact. Our pursuit of excellence has garnered us a reputation for delivering proven, reliable solutions that healthcare institutions can trust.

While our passion for bringing cardiology services to rural and regional hospitals remains unwavering, we now extend our expertise to anesthesiology, broadening our ability to provide comprehensive care across the medical spectrum.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions For Your Community

At VitalSolution, we understand the unique needs of each partner hospital and tailor our extensive expertise and services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require full program implementation, augmentation, or continuous and qualified physician and non-physician staffing, our team is equipped to support your service line effectively.

Striking The Perfect Work/Life Balance

For Healthcare Providers

We take great pride in providing a work/life balance that goes beyond traditional employment models.

By joining VitalSolution, you can dedicate significant time not only to your medical career but also to the other important aspects of your life outside of work. We understand the value of personal fulfillment and believe that it enhances your ability to provide exceptional care to patients.

Reach Out

Whether you are a hospital in need of comprehensive cardiovascular and anesthesiology coverage, a physician seeking a fulfilling career adjustment, or a healthcare provider looking for a new challenge, we are here to help.