Frequently Asked Questions

For Physicians
Are you a locums company?

No, we are a fast-growing, physician-led group that forms long-term partnerships with hospitals across the country.

What would my schedule look like?

No, we do employ part-time, or “back-up”, providers that can help cover long weekends and some weekdays at the hospitals we work with.

What benefits are available?

The benefits available to you will depend on how you are paid. Our physicians are employed as 1099 Independent Contractors and can choose to be paid as an individual or as an LLC. Those that choose to be paid as an individual are eligible to receive their health benefits (medical, dental, vision) through.

Will I be on call every night?

While the requirements vary from site to site, most of our hospitals require overnight call coverage by the scheduled physician. However, patient safety and physician liability are top priorities for us, so we will always look to our providers for proactive feedback so that we can add resources as needed.

Do you offer visa sponsorship?

It is something we have explored, but unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer visa sponsorship.

Do you cover malpractice and tail Insurance?

Yes, your malpractice coverage with VitalSolution will be on a claims-made basis. You are insured under this policy from your hire date through your termination date. If you leave the team, the time you were employed with VitalSolution will be covered as long as the group policy is in effect. If the group policy is discontinued, VitalSolution will purchase tail coverage, which will cover any claims reported from your time with our group indefinitely.

For Support Staff
What is a typical pay rate?

Your pay rate will be based on experience and the level of the position.

What are the call requirements?

The call requirement will be no more than 50% and varies based on the client’s needs.

How long are the contracts you offer?

Contract length varies based on the specific position and the client. Our support staff can see contracts anywhere from 13 weeks to 1 year in length.

Can I request days off for vacation, appointments, etc.?

Yes, you are welcome to request time off. We are happy to send any requests to the client. However, VitalSolution cannot guarantee time off in your contract because we do not manage the schedules.

Do you reimburse for anything?

We reimburse for mileage to (beginning) your assignment and from (end) your assignment. We also reimburse for state licenses.

Do you help with or take care of housing?

We do not set up housing. We are, however, happy to help with providing housing leads.

Will there be a chance for an extension?

Chances for extension are very high, as it is important for our clients to have consistency over time as we implement these new programs.

Is pay weekly or biweekly?

Pay is bi-weekly.

How many shifts will I work per week?

Each client hospital has their own scheduling rotation that they use. Some do three 12-hour shifts, others do five 8-hour shifts or four 10-hour shifts.

Do you have benefits?

All of our employees are eligible for Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Voluntary Life and AD&D, and Voluntary STD and LTD.

Do you train?

Yes, we are always looking for folks who are interested in growing their careers in the Cath Lab.

How likely are you to have another contract available for me after this one?

Whether it is with an extension or moving you to another client site, it is always our goal to keep you employed with VitalSolution.

Is there room to grow?

Yes, absolutely. We are always looking for individuals who are motivated and interested in growing within the cardiovascular field. We have opportunities for everything from basic cath lab coverage to Cath Lab Manager and Service Line Director roles.

How long does an implementation take?

Program implementations can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, depending on what needs to be done to get things up and running.

How many years of experience do you require?

We typically look for individuals with 1-3 years of Cath Lab experience, but we do occasionally have opportunities that do not require any Cath Lab experience.

Do your client hospitals have surgical back-up?

The majority of our sites do not have surgical back-up on-site.

For Hospitals Administrators
What is VitalSolution?

VitalSolution provides comprehensive anesthesia and cardiovascular service line solutions to hospitals and health systems of all sizes nationwide. Our dynamic team can elevate existing service lines and provide staffing and management services to ensure viable and sustainable healthcare delivery.

How is VitalSolution different from a locum tenens agency?

Locum tenens agencies provide an important and vital component to hospitals. They provide a “stop-gap” filler for a necessary position much like a temp or contractor would do, but VitalSolution takes it a big step further. We provide the physicians at a flat daily rate, conduct marketing and outreach, guarantee 24/7/365 coverage, and seek ways to improve patient care, as well as hospital revenue.

Why convert a diagnostic program to a full-service interventional program?

Converting your program from diagnostic-only to full-service interventional cardiology can increase access to emergency care, drive patient loyalty back to your hospital, and boost production in cardiology and in the hospital as a whole. Once your patients know that they can get life-saving care close to home, they will be more likely to come to your hospital for all of their healthcare needs!

What is the anticipated turnaround time from signed agreement to program launch?

The timeline for launching a 24/7 interventional program depends largely on your hospital’s current situation. Without a cath lab, the buildout process could take one to two years, but there are options available to get the program kicked off sooner, such as a mobile or modular lab or starting as a diagnostic-only program until the lab is ready. With a cath lab already present, we can almost always get the program started as soon as we have the staff.

How will our patients benefit?

Your new cardiology program will benefit patients as soon as day 1. Patients with chest pain will now have the option to receive a diagnostic screening or procedure at your hospital, knowing that if an interventional procedure is required it can be performed right on the spot. They will no longer have to be transported by ambulance or helicopter to a hospital an hour or more away from home to get the quality care they need, saving valuable time and money.

We would like some of the services, but not all. Can we choose what we want?

Yes! VitalSolution is not a one-size-fits-all organization. Our service line solutions are completely customizable to the unique and changing needs of your hospital and your community.

Can we retain one of our existing physicians? How would that work with new physicians coming in?

Yes—in this circumstance, we are simply adding to your existing practice. Our physicians will work with yours in the clinic, taking call, and networking with referring providers to take your service line to the next level.

What is the Management Services Agreement and how is that beneficial to us?

The Management Services Agreement, or MSA, is an extremely valuable resource. This service allows your hospital to utilize our team of subject matter experts that we have brought in from some of the top programs across the country. Some of their many responsibilities include:

  • Oversite of national quality registries such as NCDR, PCI etc.
  • Development and maintenance of the hospital’s strategic plan for the cardiovascular service line
  • Cath lab management support including inventory, capital, budgeting, and staffing
  • Interdepartmental service line development and adherence to highest standards of cardiac care
  • Utilization management
  • Revenue cycle management and charge capture optimization
  • Internal and external quality reporting and quality management
  • Physician management