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headshot of cath lab nurse Cynthia Sharp for Nurses Week Q&A
Celebrating Nurses Week: An In-Depth Q&A with Cath Lab Nurse Cynthia Sharp
An estimated 1.4 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year with approximately 400,000 of these being STEMIs—a severe form of heart attack that requires immediate and expert medical intervention. It’s within this high-stakes environment that cath lab nurses like Cynthia Sharp, RN, play a pivotal role, often being the first line of defense against the
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How to Become a Cath Lab RN
As with any other nursing specialty, the first step to becoming a Cardiac Cath Lab RN is to graduate with an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass your NCLEX-RN to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. Gaining Experience: Your Next Move Transitioning into the Cath Lab requires more than just basic nursing
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How to Enhance Patient Experiences in the Cath Lab
How to Enhance Patient Experiences in the Cath Lab (and Why It Matters So Much)
As clinicians who build careers around their routines in the Cath Lab, it can be easy to forget just how strange and at times overwhelming a visit to the hospital can be for patients and their families. But for many patients, it can be the very first time they are receiving a procedure that they
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Interventional Cardiologists Are Maintaining PCI Proficiency in Rural America
Meeting the Metrics: How Interventional Cardiologists Are Maintaining PCI Proficiency in Rural America
Choosing to practice in rural America has its benefits and challenges. While some interventional cardiologists may be concerned that they won’t be able to meet the yearly percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) proficiency quota necessary to maintain their credentials, many are finding more than enough volume in underserved areas. In fact, interventional cardiologists practicing rurally aren’t
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Lake Huron Alpena Michigan
Work in Alpena, Michigan, and Fall in Love with Your Great Lakes Home Base
Imagine yourself clocking out from a rewarding day at your hospital in northeast Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron. You’re excited about your next seven days off and the great outdoors adventures you’ve got planned. You’ll start with a few nights gazing up into the Milky Way at one of the three “designated dark
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young female clinician in blue scrubs walking outside a hospital and adjusting her face mask
Understanding the New Compact Licensure Rule for Nurses: Effective January 2024
As of January 2, 2024, a significant update in the nursing licensure process will come into effect, impacting those who hold or intend to hold a compact license. This change is crucial for all nursing professionals to understand, as it aligns with the evolving nature of nursing regulations and practices. What is Changing?  The Interstate
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two doctors using VR headsets
Are Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Trendy Threats to the Cath Lab, or Our Friends?
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) has made headlines recently, with open-use AI tools like ChatGPT and its tools for creating instant art, music, and writing and AR tools hitting consumers including the Meta Spark platform and Meta Quest AR headsets from the parent company of Facebook. But how do they
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Managing Student Loan Debt for Healthcare Professionals
Ways to Deal with Student Loan Debt (Even When You’re a Healthcare Professional)
Most healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and technologists, graduate from their respective programs with a significant amount of student loan debt. In fact, according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 76-89% of medical school graduates had an average of over $203,000 in education debt – and that’s just for med school,
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four healthcare cath lab team clinicians having a discussion
Best Practices for a Successful Cath Lab Team: Key Roles, Communication, and Collaborative Benefits
The great success of the cath lab team is due to its ability to work so well together as a collaborative group. If you’re struggling with your current cath lab team, or want to see how you can improve your own performance, here are some best practices to keep in mind! Key Roles of a
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interventional cardiologists perform catheterization procedure
How VitalSolution Differs from Other Employment Models
Cardiology and anesthesiology clinicians have several employment options. They can be employed by a hospital, go into private practice, or work for a locum tenens agency. Those who work with VitalSolution have a fourth option that combines travel with long-term stability and work-life balance. VitalSolution-Anesthesiology and VitalSolution-Cardiology, one of the country’s largest independent interventional cardiology
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The Benefits of Working in a Regional Hospital
Small Town, Big Impact: The Benefits of Working in Rural & Regional Hospitals
Many physicians fresh out of residency or fellowship seek positions with large, established cardiac programs to make their mark. But for many physicians and cardiac catheterization lab leaders, it’s in the small towns across the country where they’re making the largest impact. A Closer Look at Small-Town America Sixty million people – or 20 percent
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Insider Intel: Tips for Getting Started with CardioSolution
Insider Intel: Tips for Getting Started with CardioSolution Interested in working with CardioSolution but not sure what to expect? We sat down with two of our recruiting managers to get some insider knowledge about the hiring process—and what you can do to expedite it. CardioSolution is a physician-led group that brings heart care to underserved
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