Anesthesiologists and CRNAs taking care of patient
How Anesthesiologists and CRNAs Can Enhance Patient Experiences (From the OR to the Cath Lab)
Some patients don’t even want to think about a visit to the doctor, never mind preparing for a visit to an unfamiliar place such as the cath lab – but that visit could save their lives. Fear over anesthesia has been shown to cause one in four patients to postpone surgeries. It’s important for the
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woman physician and two nurses reviewing chart in hospital corridor
VitalSolution Enables Anesthesia Providers to Enjoy Work-Life Balance
Today’s healthcare providers place a high value on work-life balance. In fact, many say they would take a pay cut for better work-life balance. VitalSolution-Anesthesiology provides anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) with flexible scheduling and opportunities for growth that empower them to better handle personal and professional interests. According to Medscape’s 2023 Physician
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interventional cardiologists perform catheterization procedure
How VitalSolution Differs from Other Employment Models
Cardiology and anesthesiology clinicians have several employment options. They can be employed by a hospital, go into private practice, or work for a locum tenens agency. Those who work with VitalSolution have a fourth option that combines travel with long-term stability and work-life balance. VitalSolution-Anesthesiology and VitalSolution-Cardiology, one of the country’s largest independent interventional cardiology
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The Benefits of Working in a Regional Hospital
Small Town, Big Impact: The Benefits of Working in Rural & Regional Hospitals
Many physicians fresh out of residency or fellowship seek positions with large, established cardiac programs to make their mark. But for many physicians and cardiac catheterization lab leaders, it’s in the small towns across the country where they’re making the largest impact. A Closer Look at Small-Town America Sixty million people – or 20 percent
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