Cardiology Salaries
Cardiology salaries on the rise, how does yours compare?
According to Modern Healthcare’s 2017-2018 By the Numbers report, most physician specialties have seen an increase in average salary since 2015-2016. Interventional and non-invasive cardiology are no exception.   Key: Compdata Surveys & Consulting; Sullivan, Cotter & Associates-Medical Groups; Sullivan, Cotter & Associates-Physicians; AMGA; Medical Group Management Association; Merritt Hawkins; Pacific Companies; ECG Management Consultants;
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The physician burnout crisis
Burnout is becoming a frequent topic of conversation as prevalence and severity continue to rise across all occupations, but especially for physicians. In fact, of the 15,000 doctors surveyed by Medscape for their annual Physician Lifestyle Report, 42% expressed experiencing burnout. According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, burnout is
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Best & worst states for physicians
Physicians are among the most educated and best-compensated professionals in the country. In fact, “doctor” is one of the most prominent job titles within the top tier of earners. And the high salary average is understandable, given the necessity of their work and the challenges that go hand-in-hand with life in the medical field. But
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Establishing a professional identity on social media
Creating professional social media profiles can help physicians showcase their skill set to prospective patients, provide factual health information to their communities, and connect with colleagues across the globe. According to PatientPop, 77% of patients utilize online reviews to choose a physician, making an online presence a critical part of today’s medical practice. Getting started
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Managing radiation exposure in the Cath Lab
In the early days of interventional cardiology, there weren’t many ways to reduce the exposure to radiation felt by the team in the Cath Lab. Until recently, we hadn’t been able to thoroughly understand the impact on physicians and Cath Lab staff exposed to X-rays daily for the duration of their career. Our new-found understanding
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become a cath lab traveler
Top 5 reasons to become a Cath Lab traveler
Working as a travel Cath Lab RN or Tech can be a life-changing experience. High pay, career growth, and new adventures are just a few of the reasons why some choose the traveler lifestyle. Whether you want to save up a little extra cash or see the country, travel nursing can provide a great deal
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Future job growth in the Cath Lab
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cath Lab RNs and Techs will be in high demand through 2026, with both experiencing above average job growth. What is a Cath Lab RN? In layman’s terms, a Cath Lab RN assists the interventional cardiologist with procedures in the Cath Lab such as stent placement, insertion of
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The financial implications of patient satisfaction scores
Two new surveys conducted by or on behalf of West have revealed that patient satisfaction ratings are deeply intertwined with the financial well-being of a hospital or health system. This is primarily due to two factors: New reimbursement models tied to satisfaction ratings and increased consumer choice. New reimbursement models According to the Centers for
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Meet the Team: Office Manager, Amy Warren
How long have you been with CardioSolution? What did you do before this? I started in November 2010 at our sister company, trustaff, working in the Government Division as an Assistant Program Manager. I transitioned part-time to CardioSolution in December 2013 and started full time in April 2014.  Prior to trustaff and CardioSolution, I worked as
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The cost of nursing labor
Earlier this year, KPMG released their latest U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs report which takes a look at current staffing trends and strategies. For this report, KPMG surveyed 100 hospital executives throughout the United States. Three of the main findings in regards to the cost of labor are as follows: Travel nurses have a higher
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locums physician
Effective Cardiology Coverage Solutions Beyond Utilizing Locum Tenens Physicians
Are you constantly engaging locum tenens while scouting for a permanent physician? Or maybe you need coverage during your physicians’ holiday or sick leave? If the implications feel familiar, it’s time to look at other alternatives. Locum tenens, while beneficial in immediate situations, can quickly become a considerable expense. Even short stretches of coverage can
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Managing burnout during the holiday season
The holidays are here and the year is coming to an end. Everywhere you look, there are twinkling lights, shopping, and holiday gatherings galore. This time of year creates a whirlwind of emotions that can leave anyone feeling burned out, physicians especially. While many industries slow down during the holiday season, healthcare does not. As
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