Anesthesia Staffing and Management Solutions

Facing the numbers: A nationwide shortage of anesthesiologists and CRNAs

Hospitals nationwide face a significant shortage of qualified anesthesia professionals, estimated to be 5-10% across all markets. The repercussions of inadequate anesthesia coverage are far-reaching, impacting patient safety, surgeon satisfaction, financial bottom line, and overall hospital reputation.

The consequences of insufficient Anesthesia coverage

  • Surgical Delays and Cancellations: Shortages in anesthesia staffing often lead to surgery delays or cancellations, disrupting patient care and resulting in financial losses for the hospital.
  • Financial Viability: Using transient locums providers can impact quality and negatively impact the financial bottom line.
  • Surgeon and Patient Dissatisfaction: Inconsistent anesthesia services can erode patient trust, leading to dissatisfaction, lower patient referrals, and damaged surgeon relations.
  • Patient Safety at Risk: Inadequate anesthesia coverage increases the likelihood of errors and complications during surgical procedures, jeopardizing patient safety and outcomes.

Our innovative solution: Ensuring consistent anesthesia provider staffing and management

We offer a comprehensive and innovative approach to anesthesia staffing and management, addressing the challenges faced by hospitals and empowering them to deliver exceptional patient care.

Our solution is designed to:

  • Optimize Surgical Schedules: With reliable and comprehensive anesthesia coverage, surgeries proceed as planned, reducing delays and cancellations, and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Increase Financial Viability: Eliminating locums’ coverage and additional costs with consistent and reliable anesthesia staffing.
  • Enhance Surgeon and Patient Satisfaction: By providing consistent, high-quality anesthesia services, we help build positive surgeon relations and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Prioritize Patient Safety: Our team of skilled anesthesiologists and CRNAs ensures the highest patient safety and care standards during surgical procedures.


With our innovative solutions, hospitals also have peace of mind knowing exactly what they are paying for right from the start. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges added later. We believe in upfront transparency, allowing you to plan and budget effectively.

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