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Consistent, High-Quality Anesthesia Staffing for Hospitals

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See Our Model in Action

In 2020, we partnered with Wayne Memorial Hospital to enhance its cardiovascular service line. After four years of success, we partnered again to launch a new anesthesia program in 2024.

With John E. Vazquez, MD, Chief Medical Officer at VitalSolution-Anesthesiology serving as Medical Director, this new anesthesia program means Wayne Memorial can see more patients, schedule more surgeries, and increase financial viability.

Our Innovative Solution

Get comprehensive and tailored anesthesia staffing services that deliver exceptional patient care, maximize operational efficiency, and increase financial viability.

Our solution is designed to:

  • Optimize Surgical Schedules: With reliable and comprehensive anesthesia coverage, surgeries proceed as planned, reducing delays and cancellations, and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Increase Financial Viability: Eliminating locum tenens coverage and additional costs with consistent and reliable anesthesia staffing.
  • Enhance Surgeon and Patient Satisfaction: By providing consistent, high-quality anesthesia services, we help build positive surgeon relations and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Prioritize Patient Safety: Our team of skilled anesthesiologists and CRNAs ensures the highest patient safety and care standards during surgical procedures.

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