An introduction to the FCVS

If you are a physician or working in the healthcare field, you have probably heard of the FCVS. It is a quick and easy way for physicians to consolidate important professional information into a single location.

What is the FCVS?

The Federation Credentials Verification Service, or FCVS, serves as a lifetime repository for all of your primary-source verified credentials such as identity and medical education. The information and documents you provide can be used to apply for a state medical license, hospital privileges, employment, and professional memberships.

Who oversees the FCVS?

The FCVS is a service offered by the Federation of State Medical Boards, an organization representing the 70 state medical and osteopathic regulatory boards within the United States and its territories. It is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and meets the requirements of The Joint Commission’s ten principles for primary source verification.

How do I apply for my FCVS?

The initial application process for the FCVS takes approximately 45 days and costs $375. To get started, you will need to submit the following forms:

  • Affidavit & Release form
  • Certification of Identification form with a photocopy of birth certificate or valid passport
  • FCVS Authorization for Release form
  • NBME Exam History Release form

You will also need to provide a number of documents that will allow the FCVS to begin the process of verifying your medical education and post-graduate training information. These will vary depending on whether you are a domestic or international graduate.

Is an FCVS profile required for licensure?

It is important to note that the FCVS is not the same as an application for state licensure. However, physicians may use their FCVS profile along with a state licensure application as long as the medical board agrees to accept the information as primary source verification. In fact, there are actually 12 states that require it as part of their application process: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (Medical), Nevada (Osteo), New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming.

Regardless of whether or not you need an FCVS profile to apply, you will likely be required to provide additional information and verification of credentials beyond what is included in your FCVS profile. Be sure to visit your designated board’s website to find their specific application and requirements.

Learn more about the FCVS.

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