Cardiology Salaries

Cardiology salaries on the rise, how does yours compare?

According to Modern Healthcare’s 2017-2018 By the Numbers report, most physician specialties have seen an increase in average salary since 2015-2016. Interventional and non-invasive cardiology are no exception.

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In fact, since 2010, the average annual salary of an interventional cardiologist has risen by more than $70,000 (16%) and the average annual salary of a non-invasive cardiologist has risen by more than $55,000 (14%).

According to physician responses gathered in Medscape’s 2017 Physician Compensation Report, compensation is generally on the rise, but there are several areas where significant disparities exist. For example:

  • Foreign-trained cardiologists make about $20,000 more per year than their US-trained counterparts.
  • Male cardiologists reported earning nearly $100,000, or 28%, more than female cardiologists.
  • Cardiologists in the Northwest report making $526,000 per year on average, whereas cardiologists in the Northeast make just $381,000.

Compensation per wRVU

Work Relative Value Units, or wRVUs, are designed to give value to the time, skill, and effort required to provide a service. Over the last few years, physician productivity and compensation models across the country have become wRVU-based due to the growing focus on improving the quality of care. As reported in MedAxiom’s 2017 Cardiovascular Provider Compensation & Production Survey, non-invasive cardiologists earn an average of $58.88 per wRVU and interventional cardiologists earn $55.70.

How does CardioSolution stack up?

For our traditional, 7 on/7 off model (26 weeks annually), our interventional cardiologists earn a base pay of about $450,000. In addition, we offer a wRVU-based incentive plan that ranks in the 75th percentile nationwide. Between that and the opportunity to work additional days, interventionalists have the potential to earn $600,000+ and maintain an excellent work/life balance with CardioSolution.

For more information on employment with CardioSolution, give us a call at 866-755-7519 or email [email protected].

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